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BG 2x08 Analysis: Betty, Teresa, Kate, Davey, and some other soldiers


“Fifth Column” (or: the one with the gay bashing) is an episode I won’t soon forget, and a prime example of why I can’t bring myself to think Bomb Girls could possibly be over with just one more episode and a potential movie. I know that for so many of us, for queer women the world over, Betty’s entire character arc is impactful and immensely relatable, and her story in this episode shows why. It shows that our beloved series is determined to do right by us, that it is a labour of love and careful thought. This is my show.

Or, put more succintly: let me spend 5000 words discussing my epic feels for my epic Bomb Queers, Bomb Queers everywhere!

I talk a bit about sexual assault and obliquely about rape culture in this post. I also discuss everything Betty’s and Kate’s storylines bring up this episode: physical assault and abuse, misogyny, homophobia, war and intense trauma. It’s a long, long essay covering many things, so let’s get right into it.

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I never thought that I’d have a future, but in the last year, I’ve lived more than I ever dreamt. I found a real home… And I found a friend, Betty. A real friend, who loved me.

Betty and Kate || Bomb Girls 2x12

I found a friend, Betty. A real friend. Who loved me.